Monday, July 17, 2006

Super Link 3: "Pre-Cert and The Video Nasties"

In the 1980's, after being whipped to a frenzy by the increasingly more and more outrageous and gory video box cover art, themselves so to compete for shrinking video store shelf space, the powers that be in Britian took it upon themselves to protect the public from what they deemed as the unredeamable films, which were basically all gory or controversial horror or sci-fi films. The so-called "Video Nasties" were born. Video stores rushed to take films off the shelves that made the "Video Nasties" banned films list, some were even destroyed, thus making them highly collectable and creating an instant shopping-collection list for all horror, sci-fi, banned film fans. Here are a couple of sites ( and , which has a neat random cover scan generating thing) that present the lists and have great databases of both pre-cert and post-cert cover art scans. Ahh, it's like walking thru an old video store. Spot some ones you've never seen before.

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