Monday, July 17, 2006

The Surreal Rubber Swamps Of The Lost Monsters

Lately I've been really getting into Rubber-Suited Bog/Swamp/Lake/Sea Gill-Man-like Creature movies. So.......

Here is a so-far list of uncovered mentionables:

Bog (1978/83)
Zaat (The Blood Waters Of Dr. Z, Attack Of The Swamp Creature) (1975)
The Swamp Of The Lost Monster (1957) (El Pantano de las Animas) (Rafael Baledon)
Octaman (1971)
Rana: The Legend Of Shadow Lake (aka Croaked: Frog Monster From Hell) (1975)
La Mujer Murciélago (The Batwoman) (1968) (René Cardona) (Mexico)
Terror Beneath The Sea (Kaitei Daisensô ) (1966)
Frog-g-g! (2004)
The Monster Of Piedras Blancas (1959)
Slithis (1978)
Terror In The Swamp (Nutriaman) (1985)
Humanoids From The Deep (1980 & 1996 Versions)
Humanoids From Atlantis (1992)
Curse Of The Swamp Creature (1966)
Horror Of Party Beach (1964)
Attack Of The Giant Leeches (1959)
Destination Inner Space (1966)
The Treasure Of The Swamp Castle


The Major Briggs Trio said...

What? No honerable mention to the huge rubber leech from the "Faces of Death" movie?

Lab_FROG said...

Frog-g-g! is number #1.
the trailer is at:

Lab_Frog is thinking about using an army of such creatures to take over the Earth.

The Negative Cutter said...

Haven't seen that "Faces Of Death" leech but it sounds interesting....
And "Frog-g-g!" was really pretty good (and god speed with the domination)...

Here are a few more I've discovered:

-The Island Of The Fishmen (1979)
-The Queen Of The Fishmen (aka The Fishmen And Their Queen) (1995 TV)
-Creature Of Destruction (1967 TV)
-It’s Alive (1969 TV)
-The Alien Dead (1980) (sort of)
-Bog Creatures (awful but it fits)