Sunday, February 19, 2006

Feb 13 Show track list.

Sorry about the delay, but here is the track listing from our Feb. 13th feature show. Enjoy!

Track Name - Artist - Film (date released)

Main Theme – Rudy Ray Moore – Dolemite (1975)
The Queen – Rudy Ray Moore – Dolemite (1975)
Coffy Radio Spot (1973)
Coffy is the Color - Roy Ayers – Coffy (1973)
Sweetback Getting Upright and Preaching – Audio Clip – Sweet Sweetback’s Badassss Song (1971)
Cleopatra Jones Radio Spot (1973)
Theme from Cleopatra Jones – Joe Simon feat. The Mainstreeters – Cleopatra Jones (1973)
Are You Man Enough? – The Four Tops – Shaft in Africa (1973)
Shaft Theme – Bart & Lisa Simpson – The Simpsons (1991, season 2, ep. 11)
Theme from Trouble Man – Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man (1972)
Audio Clip – Across 110th Street
Across 110th Street – Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street
All Pink on the Inside – Bernard “Pretty” Purdy – LiaLeh
Audio Clip – Darktown Strutters (1975)
Blacula Theme – Gene Page – Blacula (1972)
Black Belt Jones Radio Spot (1974)
Black Belt Jones Theme – Dennis Coffey – Black Belt Jones (1974)

Intermission time & THE LIST!

Tao Tao Tao – Wu Mai – The Chinese Ghost Story (1987)
Opening + Main Title – Audio Clip – The 18 Bronzemen (1976)
Theatrical Trailer Audio – from: Last Hurrah For Chivalry (1978)
Custom Suite of Sounds – from: Fantasy Mission Force (1982)
Main Titles + Opening – from: Swordsman With An Umbrella (1970)
Opening – from: The Return of The Chinese Boxer (1975)
Custom Suite of Sounds – from: Dragon Against Vampire (1985?)
Theatrical Trailer Audio – from: The Magnificent Butcher (1979)
Generic Kung Fu Fighting Sound Design – from: Fantasy Mission Force (1982)
The Heroic Trio Main Theme – Anita Mui – The Heroic Trio (1993)

Friday, February 17, 2006


Well after a wonderful feature show, your friendly neighborhood Boom Operator has come down with a sweet case of Strep Throat! Rock!

Hopefully I'll be able to kick this crap before Monday. Though, at the moment, my throat is almost swollen shut.

Wish me luck.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

February is Black History Month AND Chinese New Year!

To celebrate, The Negative Cutter, The Soundmaster Positive and I have prepared an extra special episode of the Drive-In Speaker Box on Monday Feb. 13th.

The show will be centered around Blacksploitation and Kung Fu cinema!

Be sure to tune in! Monday Feb. 13th @ 8pm on KXUA 88.3 FM or online at

-The Boom Operator

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Drive-In Speaker Box

Welcome Cinefeliacs, to the Drive-In Speaker Box blog!

We'll put some stuff up here soon. In the meantime, check out our snack bar for some tasty refreshments!

-The Boom Operator