Monday, April 28, 2014

E.T. and the Lost Treasure

Some big news this week: somebody kinda maybe dug up the infamous tombs of sealed Atari arcanum, which contained alleged millions of the reviled E.T. game for the Atari 2600. A childhood myth has been unearthed and/or ruined! At least a cool documentary crew was there to film it all. In other news, Kevin Smith is making a Krampus movie. I don' what now?

Other news: Gamera, theological meteorology, and in lieu of a new review this week, we talked about Freddy vs. Jason and the world of forgotten franchises. Good times were had by all.

We heard music from the following:

E.T., 1982 - John Williams
Pretty in Pink, 1986 - Various
Lost in Translation, 2003 - Various

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Midnight Coterie of Crimson Luna Resplendence

Baz Lurhman is maybe making "Kung Fu"....the western, sadly, and not that delightful NES tale of Thomas and Sylvia. We got sidetracked talking about bears, bad actresses and the hotness forgiveness quota - you know, that Then the Boom reviewed The Grand Budapest Hotel and thought it was a perfect decrescendo of quality, starting out great and tapering off into less and less tolerable Andersonisms. I should find out for myself this week.

The Beastmaster, 1982 - Lee Holdridge
Howard the Duck, 1986 - John Barry