Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Time!

Hey there Boils and Ghouls! It's our favorite time of year, in celebration for this spooky season we've put together an evil audio potion with sounds from more horror movies than you can imagine! Listen if you dare! We've hosted the show on the web so that it can be Halloween anytime you please!

So scary you'll need a diaper or three!
Click the image to start the download!

Happy Halloween from The Boom Operator & The Negative Cutter!

-Show originally aired October 30th 2006 at 8pm CST on 88.3 FM, Fayetteville AR.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Super Link 4: "Peter Tscherkassky"

I just recently discovered the films of Peter Tscherkassky; a Austrian experimental filmmaker. He experiments with the cinematographic nature of the film image and material itself along with the abstract psycho-intuitive arbitrary/non-arbitrary arrangement and imaginary ingestion of the fragmentated found footage imagery/sound; usually derived from previously constructed and allocated narratives........And they are pretty damn neat to watch too (if you can't rent a theater and get a copy of real film prints (ha!) then screen them in the dark on the biggest screen possible with the best sound system possible). His film "Outer Space" (1999) (part of his CinemaScope Trilogy (he also likes the cinematic nature of the 2.35:1 anamorphic image (good man!)) and made from footage from the 1981 Sidney J. Furie directed Barbara Hershey genre 'truth fairy' = "The Entity") can be found on "Other Cinema"'s compilation DVD release "Experiments In Terror". As for the rest of his films (especially also his "Instructions For A Light And Sound Machine" (2005)); which really need to be seen, I think those of you who might be interested out there know ways of finding them. Check out his site (

Here's a nice bit on "Outer Space" (1999) =
"A young woman, night, an American feature film. She enters a house, a dark corridor, a thriller. While she forces her way into an unknown space together with the viewer, the cinematographic image-producing processes go off the rails all around her. The rooms through which she goes telescope into each other, become blurred, while at the same time the crackling of the cuts and the background noise of the sound track – the sound of the film material itself – becomes louder and more penetrating.The pace becomes frenetic, the woman is being pursued by invisible opponents, she is pushed against a mirror, walls of glass burst, furniture tilts and the cinematographic apparatus which the heroine begins to attack in blind fury also suffers. The images jump and stutter, the perforation holes tilt into the picture, the sound track collapse inwards in a will o’ the wisp destruction scenario – something which only film can do so beautifully. In ten minutes ‘’Outer Space’’ races through the unsuspected possibilities of cinematographic errors – a masterpiece. --Stefan Grissemann"

Monday, September 04, 2006

It's no Ray gun, but it sure does sting!

Holy Smokes! Did you hear?

Of course you did. Steve Irwin got killed by a stingray!

Steve Irwin was apparently attacked by this stingray while he was filming some underwater documentary.

Damn those Thunderbirds!

He should'nt have been swimming in thunderbird territory. That's just dumb.

I suppose we might try and dig up some music from Steve Irwin's theatrical debut
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002) though I think the only song written for that movie was performed by the Baha Men. ::sigh::

Check out the website, DVD and Video availible Now!

Rest in Peace, Steve Irwin. Even though you totally had it coming.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Tonight's Show

Lot's of Mexican Magic, Madness and Monsters in tonight's show. Check out this super, fantastic site on K. Gordon Murray, the high king creator of the 60's weekend weirdo kiddie matinees in the US with his bottled and imported Mexican marvels. (

The Surreal Rubber Swamps Of The Lost Monsters

Lately I've been really getting into Rubber-Suited Bog/Swamp/Lake/Sea Gill-Man-like Creature movies. So.......

Here is a so-far list of uncovered mentionables:

Bog (1978/83)
Zaat (The Blood Waters Of Dr. Z, Attack Of The Swamp Creature) (1975)
The Swamp Of The Lost Monster (1957) (El Pantano de las Animas) (Rafael Baledon)
Octaman (1971)
Rana: The Legend Of Shadow Lake (aka Croaked: Frog Monster From Hell) (1975)
La Mujer Murciélago (The Batwoman) (1968) (René Cardona) (Mexico)
Terror Beneath The Sea (Kaitei Daisensô ) (1966)
Frog-g-g! (2004)
The Monster Of Piedras Blancas (1959)
Slithis (1978)
Terror In The Swamp (Nutriaman) (1985)
Humanoids From The Deep (1980 & 1996 Versions)
Humanoids From Atlantis (1992)
Curse Of The Swamp Creature (1966)
Horror Of Party Beach (1964)
Attack Of The Giant Leeches (1959)
Destination Inner Space (1966)
The Treasure Of The Swamp Castle

Super Link 3: "Pre-Cert and The Video Nasties"

In the 1980's, after being whipped to a frenzy by the increasingly more and more outrageous and gory video box cover art, themselves so to compete for shrinking video store shelf space, the powers that be in Britian took it upon themselves to protect the public from what they deemed as the unredeamable films, which were basically all gory or controversial horror or sci-fi films. The so-called "Video Nasties" were born. Video stores rushed to take films off the shelves that made the "Video Nasties" banned films list, some were even destroyed, thus making them highly collectable and creating an instant shopping-collection list for all horror, sci-fi, banned film fans. Here are a couple of sites ( and , which has a neat random cover scan generating thing) that present the lists and have great databases of both pre-cert and post-cert cover art scans. Ahh, it's like walking thru an old video store. Spot some ones you've never seen before.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Super Link 2: "MTC Europa Video"

north american VHS Video Labels of bygone era. Catagories and cross-referencing illustrated with cover art scans. Catogories include (among others) "Post-Apocalyptic Visions" "1980s Horrorthon" and the (entire?) release run listings of Vestron Video, MEDIA and New World/Concorde labels. Wow! (Now if someone would just put together a cover scan release list of Paragon Video). Great thumb thru/"I remember seeing that one on a video store shelf when I was young and my memory was magical"/"I'm gonna start collecting these" site. Lots of fun.

Super Link 1: "Pimpadelic Wonderland - The Weird World Of Seventies Cinema"

New "Super Links"
The Granddaddy of all 60's/70's (and some 50's and 80's bleedover-gotta-countems') obscurities: "Pimpadelic Wonderland - The Weird World Of Seventies Cinema - The Video Library"

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March 13th Playlist


Music From Some Guys In Space - From: MST3K
Nostalgic Tea Party - Michael J Lewis - The Medusa Touch (1978)
Dark Moments - Micheal J Lewis - The Medusa Touch
What A Pleasant Journey - from: MST3K
Bubamara (Sunflower) - Vojislav Aralica, Dr. Nele Karajlic, Dejan Sparavalo - Black Cat White Cat
Possession (1981) Trailer B Audio
Intro + Prologue + Main Title - Heinz Roemheld, Hans J. Salter, Herman Stein - from: The Mole People (1956)
Entire Short Film Audio from: H Is For House (1973) (Peter Greenaway)
Op - Gil Melle - The Andromeda Strain (1971) (OST)
The Pink Room - David Lynch / Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (OST)
Audio Clip - from: The Tick
As the World Falls Apart - David Bowie / Trevor Jones - Labryinth
Main Theme + Every Morning - Yoshihide Otomo - Hu Du Men (1996) (OST)
Factual Conversation - Zdenek Liska (?) - from a film by: Jan Svankmajer
Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (Announce Copy, Take 1) - Raymond Scott - Manhattan Research, Inc.
Final: Reprise Du Theme D'amour - Paul Misraki - from: Alphaville (1965)
Maly Cmentarz Harf - Lech Jankowski - Institute Benjamenta


Bublles of Water - Koji Endo - from Visitor Q
The Man Who Vanishes In The Rain + The Wall-Crawling Liquid + The H-Man Appears ----Masaru Satoh - The H-Man (1958)
Thanks for the Ride + Schnell Schnell Deutchland - David Cross & Bob Odenkirk - Mr. Show
Seance - Tod Dockstader - Electronic (Boosey & Hawkes Library)
Main Title - William Lava - The Deadly Mantis (1956)
The H-Man Meets His End - Masaru Satoh - The H-Man (1958)
Sky, Horse & Death - Toru Takemitsu - used in 1954 Japanese Radio Drama
Wand'rin Star - Lee Marvin - Paint Your Wagon (OST)
Meteor Man Zone - Animetal - cover of "Meteor Man Zone" Theme (1973)
This Gun For Hire - David Buttolph
Ballade Derisoire + Largo - Georges Delerue - That Most Important Thing: Love (L'important C'est D'aimer) (1974)
Remains Of The Dead Bats - Akira Ifukube - Space Amoeba (aka: Yog, Monster From Space) (Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai No Daikaijû) (1970)
Audio Clip - from: The Tick
Theatrical Trailer Audio from "Vampire's Kiss" (1989)
Main Title - Glenn A. Jordan - Meet The Hollowheads (1989) (aka Life On The Edge)
Giant Octopus: The Devil Of The Sea - Akira Ifikube - War Of The Gargantuas
Remains Of The Dead Bats - Akira Ifukube - Space Amoeba (aka: Yog, Monster From Space) (Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai No Daikaijû) (1970)
Audio Clip - from: The Tick
Theatrical Trailer Audio from "Vampire's Kiss" (1989)
Main Title - Glenn A. Jordan - Meet The Hollowheads (1989) (aka Life On The Edge)
Giant Octopus: The Devil Of The Sea - Akira Ifikube - War Of The Gargantuas

Monday, March 06, 2006

Playlist March 6th, 2006

Tempus Edax Rerum - Thomas Bangalter - Irreversible
Night Beats - Thomas Bangalter - Itteversible
Audio clip - from: Wizards
Carlotta - Ennio Morricone - The MissionBrothers
Main Titles - Lalo Schifrin - Enter The DragonHan's Island
Edwardo The Barber - Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands
Audio clip - from: Wizards
Victor's Piano Solo - Danny Elfman - Corpse Bride
Piano Duet - Danny Elfman - Corpse Bride
Summer 78 (Instrumental) - Yann Tiersen - Good Bye Lenin
The Letters - Yann Tiersen - Good Bye Lenin
Freaks - Stephen Trask - Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Audio Clip - From: The Lost Boys
No More Films - John Murphy - 28 Days Later
Season Song - Blue States - 28 Days Later
One Thought at a Time - Massive Attack - Danny the Dog
Right Way to Hold a Spoon - Massive Attack - Danny the Dog
Opening, Merry-go-round of life - Joe Hisaishi - Howl's Moving Castle
Saliman's Magic Square - Return to the Castle - Joe Hisaishi - Howl's Moving Castle
Parent Waltz +Parent Crack+ Bank Robber Chase- Kevin Manthei - Invader Zim
Audio Clip - from: Nothing
Golden Brown - The Stranglers - Snatch
Bodo - Pale 3 feat Goldfrapp - The Princess + The Warrior
The Letter - Pale 3 - The Princess + The Warrior
Goldeneye - Tina Turner - Golden eye
Ryu - The minibosses - Street Fighter 2
Audio Clip - from: Nothing
Potatoes in the Paddy Wagon - The New Mainstreet Singers - A Mighty Wind

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Feb 13 Show track list.

Sorry about the delay, but here is the track listing from our Feb. 13th feature show. Enjoy!

Track Name - Artist - Film (date released)

Main Theme – Rudy Ray Moore – Dolemite (1975)
The Queen – Rudy Ray Moore – Dolemite (1975)
Coffy Radio Spot (1973)
Coffy is the Color - Roy Ayers – Coffy (1973)
Sweetback Getting Upright and Preaching – Audio Clip – Sweet Sweetback’s Badassss Song (1971)
Cleopatra Jones Radio Spot (1973)
Theme from Cleopatra Jones – Joe Simon feat. The Mainstreeters – Cleopatra Jones (1973)
Are You Man Enough? – The Four Tops – Shaft in Africa (1973)
Shaft Theme – Bart & Lisa Simpson – The Simpsons (1991, season 2, ep. 11)
Theme from Trouble Man – Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man (1972)
Audio Clip – Across 110th Street
Across 110th Street – Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street
All Pink on the Inside – Bernard “Pretty” Purdy – LiaLeh
Audio Clip – Darktown Strutters (1975)
Blacula Theme – Gene Page – Blacula (1972)
Black Belt Jones Radio Spot (1974)
Black Belt Jones Theme – Dennis Coffey – Black Belt Jones (1974)

Intermission time & THE LIST!

Tao Tao Tao – Wu Mai – The Chinese Ghost Story (1987)
Opening + Main Title – Audio Clip – The 18 Bronzemen (1976)
Theatrical Trailer Audio – from: Last Hurrah For Chivalry (1978)
Custom Suite of Sounds – from: Fantasy Mission Force (1982)
Main Titles + Opening – from: Swordsman With An Umbrella (1970)
Opening – from: The Return of The Chinese Boxer (1975)
Custom Suite of Sounds – from: Dragon Against Vampire (1985?)
Theatrical Trailer Audio – from: The Magnificent Butcher (1979)
Generic Kung Fu Fighting Sound Design – from: Fantasy Mission Force (1982)
The Heroic Trio Main Theme – Anita Mui – The Heroic Trio (1993)

Friday, February 17, 2006


Well after a wonderful feature show, your friendly neighborhood Boom Operator has come down with a sweet case of Strep Throat! Rock!

Hopefully I'll be able to kick this crap before Monday. Though, at the moment, my throat is almost swollen shut.

Wish me luck.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

February is Black History Month AND Chinese New Year!

To celebrate, The Negative Cutter, The Soundmaster Positive and I have prepared an extra special episode of the Drive-In Speaker Box on Monday Feb. 13th.

The show will be centered around Blacksploitation and Kung Fu cinema!

Be sure to tune in! Monday Feb. 13th @ 8pm on KXUA 88.3 FM or online at

-The Boom Operator

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Drive-In Speaker Box

Welcome Cinefeliacs, to the Drive-In Speaker Box blog!

We'll put some stuff up here soon. In the meantime, check out our snack bar for some tasty refreshments!

-The Boom Operator