Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bruckheimer: Wanted D.O.A ... Preferably D.

Howdy Folks,
This week, I played music from the following films:


The Wicker Man - Angelo Badalamenti - (2006)
Event Horizon - Michael Kamen & Orbital - (1997)
Uomo, un cavallo, una pistola, un - Stelvio Cipriani - (1967)
Tucker: The Man and His Dream - Joe Jackson - (1988)
Escape from New York - John Carpenter - (1981)
Splendor - Armando Trovajoli - (1986)
Come Blow Your Horn - Nelson Riddle - (1963)
Stranger Than Fiction - Brian Reitzell, Britt Daniel - (2006)
My Stepmother is an Alien - Alan Sylvestri - (1988)


Have you heard about the new movie G-Force? Disney is really punching me in the kidneys with this one. Here's the tag line: "A specially trained squad of guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world." Hooked yet? No? How about we sweeten the deal and make it a CGI / Live action combo flick, because we all know how awesome the Alvin and the Chipmunks remake is going to be. Or how great The Garfield Movie was. Still not hooked? Let's throw in the voices of Steve Buscemi, Tracy Morgan and Nicolas Cage to solidify ticket sales. They should also rename it CGI-Force.

I know you've heard me talking a lot about ole' Nick Cage lately, but there's a reason us media flies are always buzzing around him, it's because he always seems to be knee deep in crap. He really has a gift I think...though I don't like to put all the blame on the poor guy (Vampire's Kiss, The Weatherman, and Raising Arizona were all good flicks, I even liked Lord of War. I guess he just plays great deadbeats). You know who I DO like to blame for cruddy Hollywood productions? Jerry Bruckheimer, that's who. You'll never find this guy in front of the camera, and you probably don't even know his name cause you're too busy being bombarded with ridiculously long fight scenes, car crashes, explosions, and other actiony stuff when he's around. This whip-lash wizard has produced such film gold as Kangaroo Jack, Bad Boys II, National Treasure, Coyote Ugly, and Con Air(The list goes on and on)...so we should all hold on to our butts. Or at least our wallets anyway.

PS - If you listened to the show, you'd know about the free tickets to the North Arkansas Symphony show "Christmas at the movies" on Dec. 8th. If you'd like to have your chance at free pair, leave a comment and answer this question: What famous actor/comedian played the voice of the spaceship in the 1986 film "The Flight of the Navigator"?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another week, another podcast.

Howdy Folks,

This week you heard music from:


Adventures in Babysitting - Koko Talyor & Albert Collins - (1987)
L'Alpagueur - Michael Colombier - (1976)
1492 - Conquest of Paradise - Vangelis - (1992)
Bronx Warriors - Walter Rizzati - (1982)
City of Women - Luis Bacalov - (1980)
Crocodile Dundee - Peter Best - (1986)
Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna - Riz Ortolani - (1972)
House of Flying Daggers - Shigeru Umebayashi - (2004)
Tootsie - Dave Grusin - (1982)
Tekkon Kinkreet - Plaid - (2006)
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - David Newman - (1989)


In other news, the 2008 Sundance Film Festival which starts in January is starting to build hype by announcing its opening film. "In Bruges" starring Ralph Fiennes and Colin Farrel, a comedy about two hit men, will spear head the festival which takes place in Salt Lake City Utah. There are a few Express Pass B tickets left if you want to go...they're a steal at only $2,500 dollars. ::record scratch:: Yeah, Two thousand five hundred bones. That's probably more than some of the budgets of a handful of films that will be shown at the fest. Good grief Redford, no wonder the "Sundance" film fest gets it's name after Redfords sharp-shootin' bank robbing character in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

There's other funny things to write about such as the new Knight Rider, Bruce Willis in the new sci-fi Blade Runner-esque film "The Surrogates" and video footage of Ghostbusters 3 (view here) but quite frankly I just don't have the steam for it this week, and chances are you aren't even reading this far into the post. Enjoy the podcast.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Why ride a CGI horse when you can rock a Vespa?

Howdy Folks,

Here's what we heard this week:


The War Lord - Jerome Moross - (1965)
Danny The Dog - Massive Attack - (2005)
Vampiros Lesbos - Manfred Hubluer & Sigfried Schwab - (1971)
Collateral - James Newton Howard - (2004)
Chain Reaction - Jerry Goldsmith - (1996)
Miami Vice - Jan Hammer - (1984)
The Princess Bride - Mark Knopfler - (1987)
Batman - Danny Elfman & Prince - (1989)
Black Orpheus - Luiz Bonfa - (1959)
The Saddest Music in the World - Christopher Dedrick - (2003)


In other news, Beowulf comes out this week. Excited? Not really. I saw the extended trailer for it on the big screen the other night and it felt like I was watching a cut scene from Diablo 2, or some other video game. Cut scenes work because they are SHORT. Not as feature length films. You know the only thing that is more realistic than watching a well done CGI horse galloping? Watching a REAL FREAKING HORSE. It's not like horses and swords are high tech or anything, or has our technology reached such levels as to where it's harder to fathom where one might find an actual creature and a piece of metal than it is to make on on a computer? (Note: If people actually read this and post some comments, I'll enter you in a drawing for a film score gift pack, courtesy of me and my endless generosity)

On a non CGI related note, Darren Aronofsky's new film 'The Wrestler' has made a few waves lately as Nicolas Cage just got replaced by Mickey Rourke.
I kind of feel bad for Nicolas Cage, not because he's a terrible actor and gets casted for roles he's completely unsuited for, and not because his hairline makes me spit milk through my nose every time I see it...but because how miserable must it be to get replaced on a part by a guy that got arrested for drunk driving on a Vespa? High fives Mickey! It's that sort of hard-nosed baddassery that makes you aces on my list. A Vespa though? I like to imagine that the Vespa at least had spikes on it Thunderdome style.
Either way Mickster, you totally Vespa'd ole Nicky Cage...as if starring in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets wasn't devastating enough for him.

PS- Go out and support 8 Films To Die For if the festival is playing in a city near you. The fact that there is a national film fest out there is really cool, and I'd hate to see it vanish.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November Hollywood Shenanigans

Howdy Folks,
Another week down post Halloween, and as you can see, I've still got a few spooky scores trickling in to this weeks show. I played music from the following films:

The Sword & The Sorcerer - David Whitaker - (1982)
American Gladiators - Bill Conti - (1989)
Witches of Eastwick - J-Willz - (1987)
Spasmo - Ennio Morricone - (1974)
Red Planet - Gramme Revell - (2000)
Point Blank - Johnny Mandel - (1967)
Kundun - Philip Glass - (1997)
Subway - Eric Serra - (1985)
Eyes Wide Shut - Jocelyn Pook - (1999)
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - Bernard Herrman - (1947)
Heartbreakers - Tangerine Dream - (1984)


In other news, there's tons of entertaining stuff buzzing about at the moment. It's so hard to have to pick and choose what makes me chuckle the most though. I try to keep these things short and weekly. Do I talk about Pierce Brosnan in an alleged assault in Malibu or Shia LaBeouf getting arressted in a Walgreens in Chicago? Okay so Shia was kind of drunk and just being stubborn. He really needs to get quit binge drinking before the new Indiana Jones film comes out. Speaking of quitters and Indiana Jones, the guy that stole the computers and photographs used for Steven Spielberg's upcoming cash machine has pleaded guilty for receiving stolen property and commercial burglary. What a chump. I mean, you stole it man, you went through the trouble...don't give up now! Oh, and speaking of missing files, just when you thought David Duchovny had almost fallen from geek-grace; a release date for the new X-Files movie was just announced, July 25, 2008.

Though all is not lost in the world of sci-fi...I mean, we are kind of cursed with a never ending stream of remakes and sequels, but there's one that I've got my eyes all over. The Day the Earth Stood Still. Okay, so I wasn't that excited about it when they cast Keanu Reeves in the lead role of this remake, but now there's a reason my eyes are all over it, and her name is Jennifer Connelly. ::Growlll:: I've had a geek crush on this lass since 1986 when she starred in Labyrinth. I was just a young guy at the time but I still new she was hot tamales. Also, she's been in several neato sci-fi films, so I think she'll do fine. Keyword...fine.

And lastly, in this world of remakes there are some that we can't help but scratch our heads over...and I've been scratching my head a lot lately over Mr. Sly Stallone. The latest Rocky movie? Now a Rambo sequel? (Which I'm completely pumped about...I mean, check this trailer!)Though now Stallone says that he'll direct and star in a new Death Wish sequel. You remember those old Charles Bronson movies right? So Stallone is getting tired of making sequels to his own cult films from the 80's and is now doing other peoples cult films. Very sly... ::rimshot::

But hey, it probably won't be as bad as the GI Joe movie directed by Stephen Sommers right? Cause we all remember how awesome Scorpion King, Van Helsing, and Deep Rising were...

Yo Joe...I guess...?