Thursday, February 25, 2010

Uptown, downtowned, crowned and renowned, put this podcast in your player and turn the world upside down!

Howdy folks!

Faster than a laserblast, here comes the new podcast! We chained down thunder, and handcuffed lightning, this podcast was so good it's frightening. We grabbed a star traveling a million miles a minute, and slowed it down to the state speed limit! We were spinnin, grinnin and sinnin'...We used an earthquake to mix our milkshake! We eat an avalanche when we want ice cream! We punched a hurricane and made it a breeze...we swallowed an iceberg and didn't freeze! We were flingin' cash and talkin' trash...see us belayed, relayed, mislaid and parlayed, jump, bumped AND mugwhumped!

Boy do we have a podcast for you this week. It's February, and every year we like to showcase an under appreciated genre of film unfortunately known as blaxsploitation. On the surface, this genre can come off as pretty non-politically correct, offensive, and embarrassing. Many people view this genre in jest, poking fun at the stereotypes presented in many of the films from this decade long period of cinema...but many of these people look past the significance of these films and the opportunities it opened up for future african-american music producers and film makers. We had a great time with this podcast and you certainly won't want to miss this one! We heard music from the following:


The Call Me Mr. Tibbs!
- Quincy Jones (1970)
Cleopatra Jones - J.J. Johnson (1973)
Dolemite - Arthur Wright (1975)
Human Tornado - Arthur Wright (1976)
Trouble Man - Marvin Gaye (1972)
Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde radio spot
Across 110th Street - J.J. Johnson and Bobby Womack (1972)
Shaft - Issac Hayes (1971)
Superfly - Curtis Mayfield (1972)
The Mack - Willie Hutch (1973)
Black Dynamite - Adrian Younge (2009)
The Last Dragon - Bruce Miller (1985)

They Call Me Mister Tibbs!Cleopatra JonesDolemiteThe Human TornadoTrouble ManAcross 110th StreetShaftSuperflyThe Mack (New Line Platinum Series)Black DynamiteThe Last Dragon

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cure a bleeding heart with this podcast!

Hey there kiddo's!

Valentine's Day was this weekend, so we felt we'd do you all a service and do a post holiday show DiSb style. We played music from films we felt captured the spirit of the holiday, or were just somehow appropriate. We also had pizza! A terrible terrible habit I hope doesn't form, but on monday nights a local pizza place has 2.99 medium pizzas? We're gonna get so fat...and end up just like a bunch of these sad sacks in the movies we talked about. We've got a long way to fall though, since everyone knows we're two freakin' Adonis'es up in this studio. We reviewed a ton of movies this week also. Tune in to hear our reviews of Percy Jackson, From Paris with Love, and Wolfman!


Thief of Hearts - Harold Faltermeyer (1984)
Heartbreakers - Tangerine Dream (1984)
The Crow - Graeme Revell (1994)
Indecent Proposal - John Barry (1993)
The Princess Bride - Mark Knopfler (1987)
Ladyhawke - Alan Parsons Project (1985)
Prom Night - Paul Zaza "Love me till I die" (1980)

Thief Of HeartsHeartbreakers [VHS]The CrowIndecent ProposalThe Princess Bride (20th Anniversary Edition)LadyhawkeProm Night