Monday, July 27, 2009

June 27th Podcast! Tron Legacy leaked footage!

Okay gang, so maybe I'm not leaking any new footage from Tron and just trying to rope in all you silly google searchers looking to get your bootleg on. I did however play music from the original Tron this week, and we talked plenty about the new Tron, as well as the current state of 3D in Hollywood. We shook our verbal fists at Tim Burton and his new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and his incessant dead horse kicking, and reviewed the lackluster round of DVD releases this week.
And as always, we heard music from the following films:


Los Amigos - Daniele Patucchi (1972)
Days of Heaven - Ennio Morricone (1978)
The Last Supper - Mark Mothersbaugh (1995)
Tron - Wendy Carlos (1982)
The Mummy - Jerry Goldsmith (1999)
Cool Runnings - Hans Zimmer (1993)
Brother - Joe Hisaishi (2000)
Meatballs - Elmer Bernstien (1979)


Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20th Podcast and fake moon landings!

Howdy folks!

It's the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing! Being as such, the Gaffer suggested (8 minutes into the show) that we should just to do the whole thing space themed. Seeing as how I like on the fly challenges, I obliged and we had a great show...IINNNN SPAAACCCEEE!!! We reviewed Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Moon, and Giant Octopus Vs. Mega Shark as well. We also reviewed the week's DVD releases per usual. This podcast has thrills, chills, lasers and ear gum. ::shudder:: You'll see...


We heard music from the following films:

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - David Newman (1989)
Capricorn One - Jerry Goldsmith (1978)
Explorers - Jerry Goldsmith (1985)
Galaxy Express 999 - Nozomu Aoki (1979)
Galaxy Quest -David Newman (1999)
Mars Attacks! - Danny Elfman - (1996)
This Island Earth - Herman Stein (1955)
It Came From Outer Space - Herman Stein (1953)
Flash Gordon - Howard Blake (1980)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Score Selection #25: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
Music by David Newman (1989)

I know it's been a while, but here's a score selection as promised. You'd think for a guy that has well over a thousand scores at his disposal, I'd post these more often, but hey...I'm a busy guy. I don't think I need to go into a lengthy description of how cool Bill and Ted are, and how the music from this film shaped a generation. Okay so maybe that's pushing it, but it was still most non-heinous music. Most people have fond memories of the soundtrack, but not many people have ever heard the score by David Newman outside the film. That's where I come in with my out of print awesomeness. Enjoy a medley I threw together of some of my favorite bits of the score as well as my favorite selection from the soundtrack.

DOWNLOAD "Bill And Ted's Excellent Selection" by David Newman - via yousendit


DOWNLOAD "In Time" by Robbie Rob - via yousendit

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Podcast for Jul 13th, plus THE STATE ON DVD! I'd dip my balls in it!


Back with another podcast!
We had a great show, had tootsie pops and gave Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-li a tiger uppercut to its proverbial film scroat. Good times. Also if you don't listen to the podcast cause of some pissy excuse, if there's anything you take home, let it be this. MTV has finally released the complete series of The State on DVD!!! Seriously, this is the best DVD release this year, hands down. Go BUY IT RIGHT NOW SLAVES! Seriously. Like, now. If only MTV would get us some Liquid Television on DVD then I'd be set. Fat chance on that one though.
The State DVD

Here's what we heard music wise this week:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Nicholas Hooper (2009)
Stingray - Barry Gray (1964)
In the Heat of the Night - Quincy Jones (1967)
Taxi Driver - Bernard Herrmann (1976)
Howl's Moving Castle - Joe Hisaishi (2004)
Murderers Row - Lalo Schiffrin (1966)
Blacula - Gene Page (1972)
Kuffs - Harold Falytermeyer (1992)


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Say Whaa? Another Podcast?! For rizzle.

Guess what? We've got another podcast for that chicken butt. It's chock full of growth hormones and all kinds of other awesome crap that makes our proverbial audio breasts large and scrumptious. In this weeks episode we play music from a bunch of stuff from the 70's and early 80's including, but not limited to:

Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Irwin Kostal (1971)
The Black Hole - John Barry (1979)
Duel at Diablo - Neal Hefti (1966)
Emanuelle in Bangkok - Nico Fidenco (1976)
Halloween III - Season Of The Witch - John Carpenter (1982)
Dracula (1931) - Philip Glass (1999)
The NeverEnding Story - Georgio Moroder (1984)


We also griped about the embarrassing weekend totals at the box office this week and upcoming releases this weekend, and lets not forget our constant mentioning of porn and Werner Hertzog impressions.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Another Podcast. Celebrity Deaths. Film Reviews.

We've got a new podcast this week for you guys, and a track list I'm too lazy to fill out.

We did shout outs to the crazy weeks worth of celeb deaths, played the entire audio from the short film Captain EO starring Michael Jackson, and reviewed the films The Brothers Bloom and The Hurt Locker. We also bitched about transformers. A lot.


We'll have more posts up here soon I promise. Holiday weekend approaches. I have animals to eat and crap to blow up. It's going to be a Micheal Bay weekend. Minus all the sucking.