Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gluttony and Sloth care of the Boom Operator

Happy Thanksgiving Folks,

If you're like me then you're getting ready to lay around and watch movies. Also, you're planning your attack on black friday! DVD players, TVs, home theater equipment and most importantly, DVD's will all be on super sale. I'm one of those weirdos that gets out in it every year.

Speaking of black Friday deals, there's one I thought I would pass along that is pretty tasty. Lately, I've been a sucker for using coupon codes at websites so I thought I'd pass along the goodies. Over at Film Movement (lots of limited release, foreign and independent films) if you use coupon code DVDCLUBGIFT20 you get 20% on certain ones and free shipping. (Link)

Also, if you use coupon code DVDGIFT10 you get 10% off anything ( Link ). I recommend their short films and animated films.

If you use those links, then they know I sent you, and it gives a brother a little help.

Word. Help me help you this thanksgiving, and do yourself a favor and watch something new over the holiday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Podcasts now with DIRECT DOWNLOADS!

Howdy Folks!

Exciting news here at The Drive-In Speakerbox! All of my old podcasts are now available with direct download links! No more of that sending you to another website nonsense to wait for a download link. Just right-click and Save As! Welcome to 2009 just a little early, yee haw! The future is NOW. Check out all those ones you missed in the Radio Podcast Download section on your right.

PS- Here's ye ole' November podcasts for yer listenin' pleasure.

November 24th, 2008

November 11th, 2008

November 3rd, 2008

Teen Vampire Sex Sucks....blood?

Howdy Folks,

It's no secret, I'm a sucker for vampires. Always have been, and probably always will be. Unless they make vampires totally sissy and wimpy...which I guess has just happened. Cue Twilight. This big budget adaptation of the first book from the series of tween romance novels by Stephenie Meyer makes me worry for the safety of our youth. Not because I'm afraid of vampires and werewolves preying on America's middle school students, but because STD's are a pain, and AIDs is a killer. I've never seen so much pre-teen sexual tension in my life! I almost felt like I should be arrested for statutory something just for buying a ticket to this movie. As if children need even more excuses to fiddle around with their underdeveloped parts, lets bombard them with a sexy 108 year old virgin that gets a head rush at first whiff of some pre-teen that's probably experiencing some of her first "cycles"...gag. What the heck kind of message are we trying to send? Also, who lets their 17 year old daughter just jump in a car and drive across the country unsupervised? Sheesh.

Let's talk about the movie though, since I'm really just covering the ridiculous aspects of the story. Considering this very easily could have been a cgi fx romp, it surprisingly focused little on super powers and special effects. However, when Edward did actually start jumping around and climbing trees it looked fairly laughable, with little or no grace that Bella supposedly couldn't stop creaming over. The acting was awkward and uncomfortable; I blame the screenplay and source material for this one. Lines that make you coo in a romance novel don't ever translate over to the real world without a little bit of hilarity...not even the fake real world of Hollywood. This was no exception.

Perhaps my biggest moment of rage came when (excuse me for I haven't read the books) Edward felt the need to show Bella "his true form", I'm guessing out of fear she wouldn't like what he really looked like. I mean, rightfully so're a blood sucking hellspawn right? Wrong. What can you do to make a vampiric creature whose soul is eternally damned and cursed into a life of darkness more appealing? Well, instead of bursting into flaming painful death when exposed to sunlight...just dip him in glitter! Yep. This guy looked like someone assaulted him with a bedazzler...cause I guess girls still go nuts for that shit. Thanks 1974.

So if you have never been a fan of vampire lore, of werewolf lore...check out this movie. If so, you'll be spitting milk out your nose through most of the film...and you don't even need to be drinking any. Also, if you're over the age of 30 and a male...don't go see this alone, you might get arrested for something. That or all the parents picking up their kids after the movie are going to give you some realllllly dirty looks.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Role Models is a good model for comedy directors.

In a world dominated by clique style film making (particularly in the realm of comedy) it's not easy breaking the wall of Judd Apatows, Cohen Brothers, Will Ferrals, Kevin Smiths and Ben Stillers. Unless you're BFF's with one of these dudes, chances are you're not going to be making a big budget comedy in Hollywood. Cue David Wain. I've been following this guy since his early days with The State, and he doesn't disappoint. Granted, Wain's brand of humor can sometimes be an acquired taste...and his "clique" of comedy actors are just now starting to bloom. (Reno 911 crew, Elizabeth Banks, et al.) Wain is definitely one to watch to help topple this empire of cruddy recycled comedies. With that said, let's talk about the movie shall we?

Role Models stars one of my favorite, not as off the radar as he used to be, comedians Paul Rudd playing a character who I can sort of relate to. A sarcastic know-it-all that pokes fun at way more stuff than he should, and often times is depressed by knowing how crappy everything is. Wow...time to reflect. That comes later, more to the point...I find Rudd completely perfect for this role as his sarcastic disenchanted attitude that he does so well is perfect in this performance even up to the enlightened moment where he "learns his lesson" as all feel good comedies tend to do. Though let's not over analyze thematic elements, character intricacies and overall comedic narrative and stick to what I really enjoyed. This movie was pretty much about some of my favorite things ever: Sarcasm, Fantasy, Boobs, and the rock band KISS.

Halfway through the film I started wondering if this movie was tailored to me? The humor was over the top but delivered in a quick and subtle fashion instead of being crammed down your throat and beaten to a pulp like Smith, Apatow and Stiller seem to get off on. (Plus, Seth Rogen was no where near this film ::whew:: ) Also the subject matter was entertaining enough to keep me through the whole film. Sure, we're not covering new ground here...Immature adults being responsible over children is not a new concept, nor is making nerdy kids cool in your films epic climax. However, Wain was able to pull it together without making me curse under my breath, and for that he gets my applause. Also for the crayon picture of "Beyonce sprinkling sugar on my dick"

Following the very entertaining, yet slightly dissapointing, The Ten, this may be the picture that finally puts Wain running with the big boys where he deserves to be. Let's just hope that when he gets there his films don't turn into recycled garbage like the others...but seeing as he's been sticking to his guns since the early 90's I'd like to hope that won't happen.