Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bad week for celebs...

Dennis Hopper & Gary Coleman
RIP Ya'll

It's been a rough week for Hollywood. First everyone's favorite little short man kicked his little bucket after failing to emerge from a everyone's favorite crazy guy couldn't out crazy prostate cancer. These guys both experienced some very high and very low points in their career, and both produced great material over the years. I'll be talking more about their careers and deaths on Monday's show as well as playing music from various projects they worked on.

I figured I wouldn't post a bunch of info here, since well...have you looked at google lately?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LOST farewell podcast

It's over folks. Finished. Wrapped. Closed. Kaput. This 6 year journey through television history has reached it's resting place and we sent it off right last night on the show. The Gaffer and I dedicated the full two hours to discussing this show...we took a black rock / white rock approach, since The Gaffer 'effing hates it. We discussed the mechanics, what worked and what didn't...the interesting use of music, the viewer experience, how and why this show gripped us all in the first season, and how much we both completely loathed Kate. Good or bad, however you view LOST, you'll hopefully be able to enjoy this podcast.


We heard the following music, not exactly in this order:

Michael Giacchino - Season 1 , Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5

Mama Cass- Make your own kind of music
Joe Purdy - Wash Away
Charles Trenet - La Mer
Muddy Waters - I Feel Like Going Home
B.B. King - Chains and Things
Skeeter Davis - The End Of The World
Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight
Patsy Cline - Three Cigarettes In The Ashtray
Three Dog Night - Shambala
Petula Clark - Downtown
Driveshaft - You All Every Body

Below is a selection of tracks we didn't have time to play but would have liked to. Enjoy.

Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: A tribute show tonight at 8pm CST

That's right kiddos! We'll be doing a two hour long tribute to the 6 years of time investment I've given to the television show known simply as LOST. We'll be playing selections of Micheal Giacchino's fantastic score as well as various tracks used throughout the show. The Gaffer and I will more than likely bicker and argue about things we loved, hated, could have done better, etc. All in all, we'll be building this show a raft, pushing it out on the ocean and watching it explode out of our lives forever.

Tune in TONIGHT - 8pm CST on KXUA 883. FM (streaming)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This podcast will blow your pants off!

Howdy folks!

This week we had a lot of fun in the studio chatting about some of our fondest Italo-horror memories, listening to great scores, and trying not to suffocate. Per usual, we covered the box office reports, DVD releases and what to expect from this weekend at the theaters. We didn't get a chance to review any new movies this week, but blame Hollywood for not making anything worth my 8.50. We heard music from the following films:


Il Corpo - Piero Umilani (1974)
Fantastic Planet - Alain Goreguer (1973)
Manhattan Baby - Fabio Frizzi (1982)
First Blood - Jerry Goldsmith (1982)
MirrorMask - Ian Bellamy (2005)
Krull - James Horner (1983)
Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Randy Edelman (2008)
Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind - Joe Hisaishi (1984)
Garbage Pail Kids the Movie - Various (1987)

Il CorpoFantastic PlanetManhattan BabyFirst BloodMirrormaskKrullThe Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Widescreen)Nausicaa of the Valley of the WindThe Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another catch up post for May 3rd


Another backlogged podcast! We're almost caught up folks! In this episode, we discussed that confangled 3D gimmick that everyone is chubbing over, reviewed Nightmare on Elmstreet, discussed other fun stuff, and gave you secrets of living forever. Really good info in this one. You shouldn't be disappointed. We also played music from these films:

The Last Starfighter - Craig Safan (1984)
Gone Fishin' - Randy Eldeman (1997)
A Nightmare on Elmstreet - Charles Bernstein (1984)
Doom - Clint Mansell (2005)
Jaws 3D - Alan Parker (1983)
Cool Hand Luke - Lalo Schifrin (1967)

The Last Starfighter 25th Anniversary EditionGone Fishin'A Nightmare on Elm Street [VHS]Doom (Full-Screen Unrated Extended Edition)Jaws 3-DCool Hand Luke