Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A timely podcast for a change.

After a bit of trouble getting started (we forgot the magical hard drive that contains all our scores), we began to cobble together this week's show from old podcast sound clips and scraped-together scores we happened to have on-hand; much like the film Frankenhooker. After seeing a retrospective today over at Cinemassacre.com, I demanded the Boom Operator play the score to Supergirl, the second-dumbest film Peter O-Toole has ever been in. This provoked waves of nostalgia and an incipient boner as I remembered my crush on a young Helen Slater. We got off on a tangent about how film trailers have become more "filmic" than the actual films they precede. How very Baudrillard! We concluded by reviewing the Beckinsale-bootyganza: Underworld VII: The Requickening, and Soderbergh's action-film-as-dowdy-realism Haywire. Both films got a firm, distended thumb in no particular direction. They exist.

We heard music from:

Supergirl, 1984 - Jerry Goldsmith
Electric Dreams, 1984 - Giorgio Moroder
The Dark Crystal, 1982 - Trevor Jones
Pitch Black, 2000 - Graeme Revell
The Informant, 2009 - Marvin Hamlish


1 - 9 - 12 Catch up

The Gaffer and I are going to just post this freaking episode online so you can get it. We're behind on our web post, so for all you podcasters, we're sucky, we know, we'll do better. 2012 has just kept us so busy with action, adventure, groupies, fame, fortune and all that noise...so we have'nt been around computers that much.

So anyway, here's last weeks show. Look for this weeks show to be posted soon.



We're getting back up to speed.

Another catch up podcast for January while we acclimate ourselves to 2012. This one is chock full of angsty movie reviews no less. Tune in!

We heard music from the following:
Risky Business - Tangerine Dream (1983)
Bird on a Wire - Hans Zimmer (1990)
I Heart Huckabees - Jon Brion (2004)
Kundun - Phillip Glass (1997)
The Constant Gardener - Alberto Iglesias (2005)


Friday, January 20, 2012

Worst of 2011 Roundup!

We are so late on this podcast it's not even funny.
Our web game has been inexcusably lacking lately. So we're sorry damnit. DOwnload this show, cause it's two hours of non-stop ranting about why 2011 is the beginning of the end of Hollywood.

Dig it.