Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cure a bleeding heart with this podcast!

Hey there kiddo's!

Valentine's Day was this weekend, so we felt we'd do you all a service and do a post holiday show DiSb style. We played music from films we felt captured the spirit of the holiday, or were just somehow appropriate. We also had pizza! A terrible terrible habit I hope doesn't form, but on monday nights a local pizza place has 2.99 medium pizzas? We're gonna get so fat...and end up just like a bunch of these sad sacks in the movies we talked about. We've got a long way to fall though, since everyone knows we're two freakin' Adonis'es up in this studio. We reviewed a ton of movies this week also. Tune in to hear our reviews of Percy Jackson, From Paris with Love, and Wolfman!


Thief of Hearts - Harold Faltermeyer (1984)
Heartbreakers - Tangerine Dream (1984)
The Crow - Graeme Revell (1994)
Indecent Proposal - John Barry (1993)
The Princess Bride - Mark Knopfler (1987)
Ladyhawke - Alan Parsons Project (1985)
Prom Night - Paul Zaza "Love me till I die" (1980)

Thief Of HeartsHeartbreakers [VHS]The CrowIndecent ProposalThe Princess Bride (20th Anniversary Edition)LadyhawkeProm Night

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