Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's in a podcast?

This week's podcast is about a day late, for that I apologize. Quality takes time. So does procrastination. We had fun in the studio this week talking about Predators, ranting about DVDs as usual, and giving a breif farewell to the late Harvey Pekar. We took some fun music requests from our listeners and I think you won't be disappointed with some of the triumphant 80's jams contained below. Dig?


Cobra - Sylvester Levay & Miami Sound Machine (1986)
Terminator - Brad Fiedel (1984)
Phantom of the Paradise - Paul Williams (1974)
Black Dahlia - Mark Isham (2006)
Over the Top - Kenny Loggins, Sammy Hagar, Gorgio Moroder
Predator - Alan Sylvestri (1987)
CJ7 - Boney M (2008)
American Splendor - Audio Clip (2003)

CobraThe TerminatorPhantom of the ParadiseThe Black Dahlia (Widescreen Edition)Over the TopPredator (Ultimate Hunter Edition) [Blu-ray]CJ7American Splendor

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