Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Podcast may get you wet.

This week we had a soaked podcast! We canoed up to the studio this week during the week long rainstorm we've been experiencing to bring you reviews and scores to get your week started off right. We hope you enjoy this one, cause we nearly died getting to the studio. You're welcome.

Days of Thunder - Hans Zimmer (1990)
The Big Blue - Eric Serra (1988)
Seaquest DSV - John Debney (1993)
Zombi Holocaust - Nico Fidenco (1980)
The Crow - Grame Revelle (1994)
Beyond The Minds Eye - Jan Hammer (1992)


Days of ThunderThe Big Blue (Director's Cut)Seaquest DSV - Season OneZombie HolocaustThe CrowBeyond the Mind's Eye

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