Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There's a time and a place for everything...

Talk of the Hunger Games trailer lead us (somehow) to a space-themed show for this episode, along with discussions of the dystopian gladiator genre ala Battle Royale, Rollerball, Running Man, et al. I've read the Suzanne Collins novels, which have been one of the bigger Young Adult novel crazes of the last couple years, and they're meh-grade, breezy beach novels. But as I've said before, moderate novels often make good cinematic adaptations, so this/these film(s) might be something worth considering. The rest of the show was largely spent heckling the Boom Operator for my making him watch the cinematic trollathon that was Human Centipede II. My, but this film was a gem to behold, the filmic equivalent of "2 Girls 1 Cup" in its existential pointlessness and snickering repugnance. The Boom Operator stomped around and ranted for the entire duration of the film, which included inky blasts of diarrhea, a centipede suppository, and a fetal curb-stomp, among other things. I happen to be one of the few people who thinks that Dutch pervert (is that redundant?) Tom Six is actually a mordant comedian who is absolutely in on this filthy joke, and having a lot of fun telling it. And lest you were wondering, Human Centipede III is in pre-production...

Event Horizon - Micheal Kamen & Orbital
Solaris - Sound clip from new, Edward Artemiev old
Battle Royale - 2000
Running Man - Harold Faltermeyer
Sunshine - John Murphy


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