Monday, December 05, 2011

So many reviews, So little time.

 A bevy of reviews this week! We had our hands full talking about new releases, as well as paying tribute to the late, occasionally great Ken Russell, who passed away early this week after a varied career. We managed to trot out some of the scores to a few of his films, then got down to the business of reviewing Take Shelter, Hugo, The Muppets, and, mournfully, Twilight Colon Breaking Dawn Hyphen Part One Ellipsis the last of which caused the Boom Operator to have a pretty amusing meltdown, for obvious reasons. The worst part about all this Twilight horseshit is that it ISN'T OVER. We still have to endure another year of billion-dollar-earning mediocrity before the chalking off this turgid franchise and moving on. Other than that, the films we saw last week were pretty good. We're both happy to see the Muppets back in action. There's just something about those tactile puppeteering effects that trump CG every time, but that's a rant we've trotted out far too often.

Altered States - John Corigliano (1980)
Women in Love - Georges Delerue (1969)
Gothic - Thomas Dolby (1986)
The Lost Boys - Various (1987)
The Muppets - Various (2011)


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