Tuesday, June 05, 2012

An older repost from a time where we forgot

So, we're back after an off week (for the Gaffer, at least), and it seems like literally nothing has come out, and certainly nothing but gnats on The Avengers' shit, money-wise. I mean, goddamn Battleship? I'm still in awe of that. Look for Candyland in 3D and Imax next Friday. Tim Burton also shat out his 28th Depp/Carter project; a friend of mine had this to say about it: "Dark Shadows might not have felt so godawful if it wasn't pretty good at first. Then it jumped off the rails, off a cliff, into a boat, that sunk. But nobody had a chance to drown because everything exploded." Well said. Oh, new Wes Anderson and Men in Black movies are upcoming, so that's happening. You should listen to the show this week, is basically what I'm saying, if only for the part where I am urged by the Boom Operator to google and recite the definition to "rusty trombone," a phrase that I dropped without knowing its meaning. Oh dear.

We heard music from the following:

Dark Shadows, 1966-1971 - Robert Costella
Buckaroo Bonzai, 1984 - Michael Boddicker
Cat People, 1982 - Giorgio Moroder & David Bowie
My Neighbor Totoro, 1988 - Joe Hisaishi
Men in Black, 1997 - Danny Elfman
Swamp Thing, 1982 - Harry Manfredini


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