Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Sinister show that will be Taken with pleasure.

Original Airdate: 10 - 15- 12

October is halfway over already. I am very sad, not having devoted enough time to my horror interests this month, but I still have a fortnight to rectify! A friend and I have been plumbing the depths of the Hellraiser franchise this 'ween season, and that has sufficed somewhat. Pinhead is becoming one of my favorite horror villain mainstays. Where Jason is a no nonsense, laborious murderer and Freddy is a showman, Pinhead is this hilariously pompous, pontificating windbag who speaks only in mordant one-liners. Incidentally, my favorite line of his is "Such exquisite stench!"

Anyway, we kinda got into the holiday spirit with this week's film, Sinister. Seeing previews, I convinced myself that this looked a little spooky. I suppose some parts were, and I thought the film had a gimmick and mythology that would serve it well, but the scares weren't always consistent and it dragged out way, way too long. A few bizarre moments that played for slower, more disturbing chills were a nice surprise, but they couldn't, ultimately, compete with that running time. It was good for a few jumps, though, if that's what ails you in these holiday times. - Gaffer

I saw Taken 2, which was more or less a medium-octane series of whacky instructions from Liam Neeson to Maggie Grace on how to get her mom back via the most absurd methods possible. Using your tiny secret cell phone to get your teenage daughter to come into the den of bad guys to save you instead of calling your CIA black ops homeboy and his posse of killer elites...well, just makes about as much sense as a hat full of assholes. Though I suppose when you get to be as old as Liam and you're still running around punching Turkish dudes in the face, you're probably not the best decision-maker out there. Luc Besson, I didn't really expect "better", but I did expect more logical...wait, no I didn't.  - Boom Operator

We heard music from:

Dellamorte Dellamore, 1994 - Manuel De Sica, Riccardo Biseo
The Virgin Suicides, 1999 - Air
Flesh for Frankenstein, 1973 - Claudio Gizzi
The Big Blue, 1988 - Eric Serra


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Jaime Smith said...

I am unsure if “Sinister” can deliver the scares for Halloween. I was talking to one of my co-workers at DISH about seeing this film, but I think I may skip the theater, and save my money. Instead I’m going to wait until this is released on DVD. I have a Blockbuster @home account; the shipping is fast, and when I’m done I can return it to the store for another movie in my queue. I like that Ethan Hawke has taken the jump from dramatic roles to play in a horror film, hopefully we will see him in more scary flicks.