Monday, March 04, 2013

Those Oscars are rehhtahhded.

Original Airdate: 2 - 25 - 13
Some guy with a Boston accent who likes to say "rehhtahhhhded" with a Boston accent, vastly overestimating how funny that is, hosted last night's Academy Awards and offended quite a few people by doing exactly what they hired him to do and making in-winks at how offensive he was. He made a lot of people upset for saying and doing exactly what they paid him to do. I'll be.

We talked about the Oscars, of course, all the predictable wins and losses and all the self-congratulatory weaponized hegemonic culture that Hollywood represents. I went on my usual rants regarding the Best Picture/Director dichotomy and its unintentional critique of auteur theory; the freaking stupid, disingenuous system for Best Foreign Language film; and globalization as manifested by the bankruptcy of this year's Best Visual Effects winner (Rhythm and Hues). And some other stuff, I forget, but you should listen. -Gaffer

We heard music from:

Life of Pi, 2012 - Mychael Danna
Gladiator, 2000 - Hans Zimmer


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The Fiji Mermaid said...

Not sure if this would interest you, but I recently posted some score from the original Masters of the Universe animated series. I haven't spoken with you in a while and wanted to quick drop you a line! Talk to you later!