Monday, August 04, 2014

Should've Been GWARdians of the Galaxy...

Some random movie made a lot of money (for August) and I forget the title. It was OK - refer to previous post. Otherwise, some drunk guy calling himself, I shit you not, Kelly-Man the Destroyer, kept on calling and requesting music. That's always entertaining. We also caught Gilliam's latest and chatted about various things, as is our wont. Some silly dipshit also trolled on our Facebook about the inaccuracy of referring to a tanuki as "mythical" - mythical here being in reference to its MAGIC BALLS. Thanks for chiming in, dude, and fighting the brave fight for justice.

Zero Theorem: A metaphor that didn't quite add up to attractive picture it painted. I haven't been that impressed with Terry Gilliam's later oeuvre, but I always like the visuals he uses that betray whimsy and sorrow in equal measure. Christoph Waltz carried the film further than anyone could probably expect for a premise that left little to digest, in spite of all the quirky visuals. Still worth a look.


Battle Beyond the Stars, 1980 - James Horner
Cowboys and Aliens, 2011 - Harry Gregson-Williams
Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014 - Tyler Bates

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