Monday, November 12, 2007

Why ride a CGI horse when you can rock a Vespa?

Howdy Folks,

Here's what we heard this week:


The War Lord - Jerome Moross - (1965)
Danny The Dog - Massive Attack - (2005)
Vampiros Lesbos - Manfred Hubluer & Sigfried Schwab - (1971)
Collateral - James Newton Howard - (2004)
Chain Reaction - Jerry Goldsmith - (1996)
Miami Vice - Jan Hammer - (1984)
The Princess Bride - Mark Knopfler - (1987)
Batman - Danny Elfman & Prince - (1989)
Black Orpheus - Luiz Bonfa - (1959)
The Saddest Music in the World - Christopher Dedrick - (2003)


In other news, Beowulf comes out this week. Excited? Not really. I saw the extended trailer for it on the big screen the other night and it felt like I was watching a cut scene from Diablo 2, or some other video game. Cut scenes work because they are SHORT. Not as feature length films. You know the only thing that is more realistic than watching a well done CGI horse galloping? Watching a REAL FREAKING HORSE. It's not like horses and swords are high tech or anything, or has our technology reached such levels as to where it's harder to fathom where one might find an actual creature and a piece of metal than it is to make on on a computer? (Note: If people actually read this and post some comments, I'll enter you in a drawing for a film score gift pack, courtesy of me and my endless generosity)

On a non CGI related note, Darren Aronofsky's new film 'The Wrestler' has made a few waves lately as Nicolas Cage just got replaced by Mickey Rourke.
I kind of feel bad for Nicolas Cage, not because he's a terrible actor and gets casted for roles he's completely unsuited for, and not because his hairline makes me spit milk through my nose every time I see it...but because how miserable must it be to get replaced on a part by a guy that got arrested for drunk driving on a Vespa? High fives Mickey! It's that sort of hard-nosed baddassery that makes you aces on my list. A Vespa though? I like to imagine that the Vespa at least had spikes on it Thunderdome style.
Either way Mickster, you totally Vespa'd ole Nicky if starring in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets wasn't devastating enough for him.

PS- Go out and support 8 Films To Die For if the festival is playing in a city near you. The fact that there is a national film fest out there is really cool, and I'd hate to see it vanish.

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