Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November Hollywood Shenanigans

Howdy Folks,
Another week down post Halloween, and as you can see, I've still got a few spooky scores trickling in to this weeks show. I played music from the following films:

The Sword & The Sorcerer - David Whitaker - (1982)
American Gladiators - Bill Conti - (1989)
Witches of Eastwick - J-Willz - (1987)
Spasmo - Ennio Morricone - (1974)
Red Planet - Gramme Revell - (2000)
Point Blank - Johnny Mandel - (1967)
Kundun - Philip Glass - (1997)
Subway - Eric Serra - (1985)
Eyes Wide Shut - Jocelyn Pook - (1999)
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - Bernard Herrman - (1947)
Heartbreakers - Tangerine Dream - (1984)


In other news, there's tons of entertaining stuff buzzing about at the moment. It's so hard to have to pick and choose what makes me chuckle the most though. I try to keep these things short and weekly. Do I talk about Pierce Brosnan in an alleged assault in Malibu or Shia LaBeouf getting arressted in a Walgreens in Chicago? Okay so Shia was kind of drunk and just being stubborn. He really needs to get quit binge drinking before the new Indiana Jones film comes out. Speaking of quitters and Indiana Jones, the guy that stole the computers and photographs used for Steven Spielberg's upcoming cash machine has pleaded guilty for receiving stolen property and commercial burglary. What a chump. I mean, you stole it man, you went through the trouble...don't give up now! Oh, and speaking of missing files, just when you thought David Duchovny had almost fallen from geek-grace; a release date for the new X-Files movie was just announced, July 25, 2008.

Though all is not lost in the world of sci-fi...I mean, we are kind of cursed with a never ending stream of remakes and sequels, but there's one that I've got my eyes all over. The Day the Earth Stood Still. Okay, so I wasn't that excited about it when they cast Keanu Reeves in the lead role of this remake, but now there's a reason my eyes are all over it, and her name is Jennifer Connelly. ::Growlll:: I've had a geek crush on this lass since 1986 when she starred in Labyrinth. I was just a young guy at the time but I still new she was hot tamales. Also, she's been in several neato sci-fi films, so I think she'll do fine. Keyword...fine.

And lastly, in this world of remakes there are some that we can't help but scratch our heads over...and I've been scratching my head a lot lately over Mr. Sly Stallone. The latest Rocky movie? Now a Rambo sequel? (Which I'm completely pumped about...I mean, check this trailer!)Though now Stallone says that he'll direct and star in a new Death Wish sequel. You remember those old Charles Bronson movies right? So Stallone is getting tired of making sequels to his own cult films from the 80's and is now doing other peoples cult films. Very sly... ::rimshot::

But hey, it probably won't be as bad as the GI Joe movie directed by Stephen Sommers right? Cause we all remember how awesome Scorpion King, Van Helsing, and Deep Rising were...

Yo Joe...I guess...?

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