Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RIP - Duke of New York (1942 - 2008)

It's was a sad day in Tinseltown this weekend when the mac daddy of stuff in general, Isaac Hayes, kicked the can. Whilst best known (at least lately) for his portrayal of Chef on the show South Park, Hayes was actually a true pimp wayyyy back before this cut out mess catapulted him to cult status among legions of unknowing fanboys. In my world, Hayes is best known for his work on Truck Turner (1974), I'm Gonna Get You Sucka (1988), Dream Warrior (2003), and of course...Escape from NY (1981)
Kickin' movies aside, he really got famous for his work as a musical genius, and that's where he shines. He was a badass songwriter and had a voice made of gold threaded, diamond laced lingerie. We did a small tribute to him on the show tonight, and we hope you enjoy it.


Oh and Bernie Mac died too. Sorry Bernie, you picked the wrong weekend to croak and got trumped by Hayes.

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