Friday, March 13, 2009

Lost But Not Forgotten: Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995)

Howdy Folks,

With all the semi-recent buzz about Stephen Chow directing then not directing but still maybe co-starring in the new Green Hornet film, I figured we'd take a moment to look at one of Chow's little obscure gems. I think it was a smart move for Chow to jump the directorial ship. Sure, Seth Rogen will probably get tons of people in the seats on name sake alone, but now that they've got Michel Gondry on board to tissue paper/cardboard cut out/fag it up direct the film, Chow will get some much needed US exposure, but I know he probably wouldn't get the creative control he would want for it.

But more about THIS movie. Sixty Million Dollar Man is everything you'd expect out of a Chow-flavored comedy romp. Chock full campy special effects, over the top facial expressions, & toilet humor (literally), this film is teaches you some valuable life lessons and has an old lady taking a dump in Chow's mouth all at the same time. Granted he didn't write or direct this one, but it still is very much Chow.

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