Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost but not forgotten: White Dwarf (1995)

White Dwarf (1995)

Howdy folks,

Since podcast hosting is down again this week, I thought we'd take a look at another lost movie. I've been pining for some good new sci-fi, but since it's been failing so hard until the hopeful phoenix that Avatar is supposed to be arrives, I've been looking to the past. Cue Francis Ford Coppola to produce this little lost sci-fi gem. Coppola is no stranger to schlock, be it in his movies or his kinfolk ::cough:: Nicolas Cage ::cough:: However, in this old forgotten TV movie, he takes what should be schlock and guides the creative team to create something that's actually pretty cool and addresses more interesting sci-fi concepts than any big budget blockbuster has even gotten close to in years. Of course that means it's still totally out of print and may never see the light of redistribution. That's where my pal the Negative Cutter comes in. He's got copies of this joint over at his website for 7 bucks as opposed to the Thai PAL dvd that sells for some stupid hundred and twenty bucks on

So do yourself a favor and check out Neal McDonough and Paul Winfield in a crazy world that's off it's axis, chock full of aliens (made of LATEX not CGI!) and interesting concepts and wait for Hollywood to figure out that the state of sci-fi is in shambles.

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