Sunday, September 09, 2012

Adios Tony. Thanks for some movies.

Airdate: 8 - 20 - 12
So, sad news (I guess). Tony Scott, director of films one has to have the attention span of a gnat to watch, leapt from a bridge in Los Angeles to his death, presumably because he was suffering from brain cancer and did not want to convalesce (ok, now the news is that the whole brain cancer bit is nothing but a rumor, so who knows). Anyway, we played music from his movies.

I had a chance to see a couple of movies this weekend: ParaNorman and The Expendables II. The former was a cute stop-motion romp and ode to zombie films, the latter was an extended episode of Family Guy with aging action stars. The difference between the action films of yore is that they were slyly self-aware; Expendables seemed to occupy the same head-space, but this sequel is a fucking over-the-top wankfest of in-jokes and/or one-liners. All sense of involvement is lost as every major action star is trotted out, given a gun, given some old references to make for what ultimately amounts to one big joke that is only mildly amusing once, if at all.

We heard music from the following:

Top Gun, 1986 - Various, Harold Faltermeyer
Crimson Tide, 1995 - Hans Zimmer
Days of Thunder, 1990 - Hans Zimmer
Beverly Hills Cop II, 1987 - Harold Faltermeyer
Zombi 3, 1988 - Stefano Mainetti


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