Monday, August 20, 2012

We vote No!

Original Airdate: 8 - 13- 12
For reasons known only to god and sonny Jesus the Boom and I went to see The Campaign this weekend. I can't even remember the last time I went to the theater to see a comedy, because I hate them.  I know, grumpy grump grump, but seriously, nothing falls harder than a shitty comedy. A shitty action flick, horror film, or otherwise genre-dependant outing that fails usually has some redeeming features for the appreciating viewer. A bad comedy however, fails in every conceivable way, and even if you laughed the first time, if there's no tangible context or grounding to care, a bad comedy cannot be redeemed; it is a dead cultural artifact. Even as the film riffs on real world referents like the Koch brothers, Diabold voting machines, and other American political exigencies, they're just empty gestures to a system that merely exists and cannot be changed; the satire, if present at all, is nihilistic. But worst of all? The shit isn't funny.

We music heard from the following:

Backdraft, 1991 - Hans Zimmer
Heat, 1995 - Elliot Goldenthal
Flashpoint, 1984 - Tangerine Dream
Wag the Dog, 1997 - Mark Knopfler
Galaxy Quest, 1999 - David Newman


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