Saturday, June 29, 2013

Episode 6 - 29 -13

An absolute bukkake of reviews highlight this gem of a show. We tackled many movies and many subjects that we'd missed while the Boom Operator was working on a film.

Here are the capsule reviews:

Monsters University: Dogshit. Besmirches the reputation of the cute original and obvious, cynical evidence of Disney's mandate to pump Pixar franchises for sequels.

Hatchet III: Amusing gore-nado slasher from a self-aware franchise.

World War Z:

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone:

 Now You See Me:

Stoker: A pretty great, self-consciously twisted ode to Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt, but with way more incest. Park Chan Wook's twisted storytelling went well with this standard (not an insult) suspense-thriller script by Wentworth Miller.

 Before Midnight: This was a pretty good one, the third in an ongoing project between Linklater and Delpi and Hawke to free-jazz the characters they created 20-years ago (!) and their sometimes turbulent relationship. This is good, casual film-making that frames conversions over incidents and dynamic over introspection, something Linklater does well (and should stick to).

We barely had time for music:

The Omega Man, 1971 - John Granier

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