Monday, September 30, 2013

So close to October we can smell the fear.

With October one spooky day away we bid adieu to one of the least interesting months of the year in preparation for our Halloween month of madness. We have plans for themed radio shows and horror movie screenings every week of this, our favorite time of year. Stay tuned.

We also discussed the film Don John. I was pleasantly surprised as he expected a pretty cut and paste romcom, to which he received a somewhat paste and cut romcom. Chock full of potty language and bouncing breasticles, this movie was a great debut feature for lil ole Jo-Go-Levitt. It had impeccable pacing and was able to take a stale genre piece and freshen it up a bit for a fun quicky. I'll never think of the Mac OS startup sound the same. - Boom

Reign of Fire, 2002 - Ed Shearmur
Repo, 2010 - Marco Beltrami
Shutter Island, 2010 - Various


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