Monday, September 16, 2013

Three's Company ya'll.

Original airdate: 9 - 9 - 13
Tonight we brought an old buddy on the show before he sets sail for the Hipster Coast, and we all sat around talking about movies, Snapchat, and cartoon pornography, among others.

Review - Insidious: Chapter 2: Serendipitously getting to take advantage of his runaway hit The Conjuring a mere month ago, James Wan returns with the second installment of what I'm sure will be more than two or three movies, given the director's cred and the fact that he can make movies for around $5 mil that turn a 900% profit. This second Insidious seems to be going to way of Saw, which both Wan and Leigh Whannel are responsible for, as in: the plot of the first film is retreaded and this is proffered as depth. Beyond that, it's the usual bag of tricks for Wan - more jump scares than you can shake an epileptic demon at. For a micro-budget production and a ghost story, it's fine, but Wan's shtick  is pretty limited, and I'm not sure how long he can trot it out.

We heard music from:

The Mummy, 1999 - Jerry Goldsmith
Fletch, 1985 - Harold Faltermeyer
Fritz the Cat, 1972 - Ed Bogas, Ray Shanklin


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