Monday, January 13, 2014

Worst of 2013

(original podcast date 1-13-14)
Hooray! After two weeks of holiday and arctic temperatures we returned from our Igloos just in time to rain vituperation with our Worst of 2013 lists. We didn't compare or rehearse the lists beforehand, which always makes this show interesting. Like the years before, we spent much of the last days of December revisiting the worst-reviewed critical failures of the year, and again I noticed that the "worst" of 2013 actually consisted of a few stupid movies that really weren't worth kicking a fuss about (I differentiate between bad and merely stupid), particularly when compared to the more highly anticipated efforts which garnered upwards of a billion in gross and were, in my estimation, boring bloated nightmares. I'm talking more specifically of my #'s 6, 4, 2, and 1. But there was certainly plenty to be hated, so chime in with your own worst-of and we can all complain together.

Gaffer's List:

10. Despicable Me 2 made a worldwide total of $918,612,050.
9. Boy-band Movies (One Direction, Justin Bieber)
8. "Out of Retirement" Porn (The Last Stand, Bullet to the Head, Another Day to Die Hard, Escape Plan)
7. Machete Kills
6. Iron Man III
5. Young Adult Bullshit (Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Beautiful Creatures, The Host, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters)
4. The Lone Ranger
3. Skit Comedy (Movie 43, Inappropriate Comedy)
2. The Wolverine
1. Star Trek: Into Darkness

Boom Operator's List:

10. Horror-Spoof Comedy (Scary Movie 5, Haunted House)
9. The Great Gatsby
8. Lords of Salem
7. Gangster Squad
6. Grownups 2
5. Tyler Perry
4. Monsters U
3. Smurfs 2
2. Wolf of Wall Street / World War Z
1. Movie 43

We heard a bit of music from:

John Carter, 2012 - Michael Giacchino
Oblivion, 2013


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