Monday, March 03, 2014

We Got One!! (original podcast date 3-2-14)

It's been a while. Geeez, tell me the last update wasn't at the end of the year! Sorry, but the B.O. has been in Little Rock plying his trade on a film for the last month. I did the show here and there, but couldn't be bothered to record or blog during that time. Sorry. There might be a podcast from that dark time that we can unearth, but no promises.

Anywho, we have plenty to talk about getting back into the swing of things. Sadly, today we lost Harold Ramis, he of Egon/Ghostbusters fame, chiefly. The first Ghostbuster to ascend! Morbidly, I want to treat this group like an imaginary tontin, like with the Golden Girls, wherein the last member gains the powers of the newly decease. Who will be the Betty White/Highlander of Ghostbusters? Only time will tell...

We gabbed about the last 4 weeks of movies, which, let's face it, have almost nothing to offer save - what? The Lego Movie? The Boom reviewed The Monuments Men and said it was boring.

We heard music from:

Caddyshack, 1980 - Johnny Mandel
Stripes, 1981 - Elmer Bernstein
Ghostbusters, 1984 - Elmer Bernstein

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