Thursday, June 22, 2006

Super Link 2: "MTC Europa Video"

north american VHS Video Labels of bygone era. Catagories and cross-referencing illustrated with cover art scans. Catogories include (among others) "Post-Apocalyptic Visions" "1980s Horrorthon" and the (entire?) release run listings of Vestron Video, MEDIA and New World/Concorde labels. Wow! (Now if someone would just put together a cover scan release list of Paragon Video). Great thumb thru/"I remember seeing that one on a video store shelf when I was young and my memory was magical"/"I'm gonna start collecting these" site. Lots of fun.

Super Link 1: "Pimpadelic Wonderland - The Weird World Of Seventies Cinema"

New "Super Links"
The Granddaddy of all 60's/70's (and some 50's and 80's bleedover-gotta-countems') obscurities: "Pimpadelic Wonderland - The Weird World Of Seventies Cinema - The Video Library"