Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Gaffer Presents: Halloween Franchise Follies Part II: The Bloodening

October is upon us again! Seasonal pumpkin ales are polluting our liquor stores and the leaves are getting crunchy. Halloween reigns supremeMore importantly, it's time to dust off the Gaffer's blogging skills for another heinous episode of Franchise Follies! Last year's takedown of The Howling films proved pretty amusing for everyone (and...mostly me). This year I'm again sticking with a franchise I have little if any extant familiarity with: Children of the Corn. Coming in at 9½ films, this corn should prove nice and nutritious! And given how many of these films are direct-to-video, I should be afraid, and you should be pleased, because I'll soon be vomiting invectives after subjecting myself to this pointless spectacle.


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