Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Drive-In Speakerbox Jan 18th Show Podcast

Howdy folks,

Boy what a great show this was! Some really great music from some really great films. This weeks show featured music from the following:

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City Heat - Lennie Niehaus - (1984)
Night of the Living Dead - Paul McCollough - (1990)
This Property is Condemed - Kenyan Hopkins - (1966)
Bloodsport - Paul Hertzog - (1988)
Murder on the Orient Express - Richard Bennet - (1974)
The Switch - Tangerine Dream - (1993)
Danger Diabolik - Ennio Morricone - (1974)
Mysterious Island - Bernard Herrman - (1961)
Cops and Robbersons - William Ross - (1994)

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In other news, the Golden Globes happened...and I still don't give a rats tookus. Apparently no one else did either? Fancy that. If you're one of the 748 people that I guess still really enjoy watching undeserving people win pointless awards for mediocre tripe, then here's the golden globes wieners list.

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