Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday Score Selection #7: First Blood

Jerry Goldsmith - First Blood

I know I did a Jerry Goldsmith selection last week but I'm giving you another one this week, perhaps because I watched this last night, perhaps because a new sequel is coming out Friday, and perhaps watching a crazy Italian green beret nam vet rip through a bunch of dumb small town cops gets me plain old pumped. The strange thing about First Blood is the music is really quite sad. I mean sure, it's got a few adventurous overtures, but all in all, the original Rambo film is kind of a sad story. Before he went and slaughtered Vietnamese and Soviets (Rambo 2) then single handedly beats down Afghanistan and even more Soviets (Rambo 3), John Rambo was a crazy old nam vet. Not quite like the nam vet that hangs out by the liquor store, tells you that Zorg is coming and he needs rum to power his spaceship and has crap in his drawers...but the cool kind that'll wrap you to a tree with vines and leave you there with crap in your drawers for your friends to find as a warning to leave him the hell alone. Here's a track that I really enjoy, almost a Rambo theme if you will. It's a somber tune, but also commands authority and sums up the movie for me. Enjoy.

Download "It's a Long Road Home (instrumental)" by Jerry Goldsmith via yousentit

PS - Here's a video from the worst Frank Stallone song ever "Peace in Our Life", which just happens to also be in Rambo 2.


soundtrackgeek said...

Aah, I just listened to it a few hours ago. It's a great score and I'm excited and saddened by the anticipation of Brian Tyler's score for the new movie.

Wow, a podcast for film and film scores! That's awesome! I will check it out now if my lousy internet connection allows me.

Lindsey! said...

we need to finish first blood. i feel like im missing something in life.

The Boom Operator said...

Now that the download link is dead...
Check my link in my blog archives called "Saturday Score Selection Archives". You can find all of them streaming for your aural pleasure.