Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

Howdy Folks!

It's a new year! A whole new 365 days of waiting for movies to come out so you can be let down later when they don't meet your expectations! Don't fret though, there's always plenty of sleeper hits or movies that you expect to be so terrible that they actually impress you...kinda like National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Yeah, I saw it. ...and yeah I actually had a little fun. When you expect to sit down and be forced to drink a glass of urine and it turns out to be just really sour lemonade, you're happy right? Right. National Treasure 2 was by no means a glass of urine, though it was predictable, over the top, and aimed at the 8-15 year old demographic...though I won't lie; there's a bit of that demographic inside me. I mean, the classic style Goofy cartoon by Disney at the beginning of the film was probably be favorite part. Anyway, on to business.

There's no podcast this week as I was busy planning other major events here in my town over the new year holiday. However, here's a short list of films (in order of release) coming out this year that I want to view...Enjoy.

Cloverfield - Shut up. JJ Abrams sold me with LOST, so I'll give this a shot.
Teeth - Just watch the trailer, hehehe.
Cassandra's Dream - Woody Allen...maybe it won't suck.
Rambo - What more is there to say?

In Bruges - Not a fan of Colin Farrell, but Ralph Finnes should help make up for it in this hitman comedy.
The Spiderwick Chronicles - So what if it's a Nickelodeon production?
My Blueberry Nights - A new Wong Kar Wai flick with Jude Law and Natalie Portman.
Be Kind Rewind - Michel Gondry's latest with Jack Black and Mos Def. Hopefully better and less trite than Science of Sleep.
Charlie Bartlett - A high school comedy I might not hate.
The Signal - A horror flick with a neat plot...could be awful, but looks promising.
Penelope - Christina Ricci with a pig nose, tee hee.

Horton Hears a Who - Dr. Suess ya'llz.
Inkheart - Brendan Frasier in a strange story based on the neato book.


Iron Man - Puuhhlease don't let this suck.
Son of Ranbow - A Garth Jennings project that looks pretty funny.
Speed Racer - Only cause I want to see how awful it will be.
Indiana Jones 4 - I've been waiting 19 years for this one.
The Incredible Hulk - Again. This time with Edward Norton. Good Grief.

Wall-E - You've heard my rant. Fingers crossed, I want to love this.

Hancock - Fresh Prince with super powers. The trailer made me chuckle. A little.
The Dark Knight - The next Batman installment that should make me soil myself with delight.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - The Mummy 3 bitches! These movies are too campy not to love.

Okay so that's about what I could dig up for now. There are going to be loads more later, but release dates are always subject to change for things in production


The Fiji Mermaid said...

Yeah, I'm with you on Cloverfield, that could be good. I'm a Lost fan too, I did't think I would be, but it's a great show. Not X-Files great... yet, but good so far.

Indiana Jones, I want it to be cool, but it's been so long, how old is Harrison now, will it be believable. Will he be swingin his whip from a walker?

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Oh hey, by the way do you think you'll get a chance to review "Aliens vs Predator: Requiem", I'm interested to hear your views on it. I still think it was pretty great even after a week or so to reflect on it. I was reading about it in Fango today and it made me want to watch it all over again.

The Boom Operator said...

Yeah, I certainly hope LOST doesn't get dragged out to 2017 with the writers strike...cause I want to know what the black smoke is...but not THAT bad.

Indiana hopefully won't suck...they've got a lot of the original stunt coordinators and foley artists on board for this one, so who knows. Maybe Lucas won't completely botch it like a few other movies I know.

As for AVPR, I'm gonna get something written soon...I've got plenty to say, but in a nutshell...I enjoyed it. Stay tuned!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Yeah, Indiana could be cool, but I can't forget "The Phantom Menace" and the excietment people had for Lucas heading back to the Star Wars well, and that flick just wasn't very good... with the exception of Darth Maul, but then they kill one of the coolest bad guys ever. I was thinking he would be in all 3 new flicks and sort of bass the baton to Darth, but I was wrong.

Cool, I look forward to that AVP:R review.