Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday Score Selection #17: Subway (1985)

Subway (1985)
music by:
Eric Serra

Back in the day when Luc Besson was but a fledgling director and Christopher Lambert still claimed to be French, there was a little film called "Subway". This strange film centered around a small group of underground subway dwellers and a suave safe cracker (Lambert) who falls in love with the gal he just robbed. Zip to the end where Lambert's dream is to have a rock group and get married. The journey is oddly worth it... in the company of friends and some alcoholic beverages. Plus there is a guy that always wears roller skates! Film criticisms aside though, this was yet another early step in the solidification of Luc Besson's and Eric Serra's partnership in doing many many films together. I'm a big fan of Serra's ability to always sound dated, but in a timeless way. In this score he uses the fun 80's sythns, tastefully tacky saxaphone, and the occasional squealy guitar riff. I leave you with two of my favorites. Enjoy!

Download "Speedway" by Eric Serra
Download "Masquerade" by Eric Serra

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