Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Saturday Soundtrack Selection #19: Over the Top

Over The Top
Various Artists

Oh man, where to begin on this soundtrack? Kenny Loggins, Giorgio Moroder, Frank Stalone? This album " is like a switch, ya kno' ", every time I hear it I want to set up a weight set in my car and pump iron with one arm so I can topple titans of arm wrestling. Also? Best movie poster ever. While not exactly a score, this soundtrack gets me all kinds of pumped. Okay, well maybe only two tracks do, but they are enough to excuse every laughable and terrible part of this film. So with that said, please enjoy the following two tracks. Put them on your mp3 player and you'll have no excuse to start that work out program you've been putting off since new years.

Download - "The Fight" by Giorgio Moroder

Download - "Over the Top" by Sammy Hagar

1 comment:

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Boom Operator, I totally agree. There are two or three great tracks on this OST. Now it's not as good as the Rocky hits... Robert Tepper "No easy Way Out" greatness, but good stuff here.