Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saturday Score Selection #18: Miracle Mile (1988)

Miracle Mile (1988)
Music By
Tangerine Dream

Let me first start by saying...Steve De Jarnatt, get your head out of your ass and back in the sci-fi creative baddassery that you're so freaking good at. This film was one of the two films that De Jarnatt directed (the other being Cherry 2000) before plunging into a career of television that started out awesome, and now resides in episodes of Lizzie McGuire and Flight 29 Down. How can you go from working on two of my favorite (albeit short lived) TV series (Kindred: The Embraced, and American Gothic) and then end up at Lizzie McGuire? ::sigh:: I suppose that's beside the point. THIS film is about a guy that finds out that the world is about to consumed by a nuclear holocaust in a little over an hour...commence film. It stars Anthony Edwards, aka Gilbert from Revenge of the Nerds and Goose from Top Gun, and features a score done by the wonderful Tangerine Dream. Always a pleasure to listen to, Tangerine Dream delivers another melodic and atmospheric score that has all the 80's snyth slap bass you love with the pleasingly droning melodies that make them so great. Capable of being soothing and tense all at the same time, I'd say it wraps up an end of the world scenario nicely. I leave you with two of my favorites from this score. Enjoy!

Download "All of a Dither" by Tangerine Dream

Download "Running Out Of Time" by Tangerine Dream

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