Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday Score Selection #20: Miami Vice (1984)

Miami Vice
Music By Jan Hammer & Glen Frey

Sport coats and t-shirts, palm trees, pastels, loafers, and awesome music. These are just a few ingredients that made this show completely cool...to the max. Jan Hammer and Glen Frey were given some serious creative freedom on this project and boy did it pay off. Very seldom does music from a SCORE actually chart billboard...but THREE songs from this score charted very high on both US and Euro charts. Are you going to get those tracks from me? Nope. I kick it B-sides baby, and am going to leave you with some marvelous synthed out stylings from this fantastic score. So slick back your hair, proudly wear those pleated slacks with no socks, and put the top down, cause you're gonna love these.

Download "Evan" by Jan Hammer & Glen Frey
Download "Payback" by Jan Hammer & Glen Frey
What the heck..it's so good why shouldn't I let you have it
Download "Crockett's Theme" by Jan Hammer & Glen Frey

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