Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stan Winston tribute podcast

When I heard the news about Stan kicking the can on Monday morning, I changed gears of my normally planned show and decided to do a feature show 100% in his memory. Why? Because Stan was totally worth it, that's why! So what if I didn't give a full show's worth of attention to Charleton Heston? He didn't deserve it half as much as Stan Winston. Winston has contributed so much to what I truly love about film making. His work helped us give a giant middle finger to CGI and create REAL props and fx that can take us into our imagination faster and more powerfully than anything some computer monkey can render out on his mac. I know I haven't been posting much lately, and lord knows I want to. I've written some pretty long reviews of a bunch of movies on their opening day (Ironman, Indy 4, Incredible Hulk, among others) but just haven't gotten them up promptly enough to be satisfied with them. This news show however, I felt I had to get posted.

In this show we talk about Stan and how bad ass he was, and play music from some of the films he was best known for working on. Jurrasic Park, Terminator, Aliens, Edward Scissorhands and please be a pal and...


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