Thursday, April 02, 2009

A bit of news whilst we wait for podcasts.

Howdy folks,

I'm here and I'm hard at work getting the hosting back for podcasting and more reliable score selections. I know I don't post a lot of movie news, mostly because of this thing called the internet, but I just had to share this new poster for the upcoming film "The Girlfriend Experience" directed by Stephen Soderberg. You know, Soderberg is actually really awesome, when he's not directing things like Ocean's Twelve and Erin Brockovich. Do yourself a favor and watch Schizopolis.

Anyway, this new project is starring Sasha Grey NSFW, who is also pretty cool in that slutty, trashy, girl you wish you hung out with in college sort of way. Not that I know anything about her porn career. Or watch porn. Or think lewd thoughts about females...all the time. Pffft. My phone's ringing...I need to go take this, it's my super model girlfriend. You wouldn't know her, she lives in Norway.

via Vulture

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