Thursday, April 30, 2009

Score Selecion #24: My Stepmother is an Alien (1988)

music by Alan Silvestri & CAMEO

Hey gang,

For this weeks score selection, we're diving back into the 80's because I'm just hard wired for it. Not too far deep in the 80's though, so don't worry...we're hitting that cusp of screw ball 80's nonsense with the seeds of 90's misguided sensibilities with music from My Stepmother Is an Alien. This movie was nothing to write home about really, other than seeing what Dan Aykroyd probably thinks about nightly in his cramped apartment in the back of his Paranormal Investigation supply store while he....yeah basically he gets with 80's Kim Basinger in this movie, okay? She was hot tamales back then, and way out of his league...even if he was, at one point, Doctor Detroit.

The score is sparse and fun, but I couldn't post without giving a sample of the soundtrack which features the likes of Aykroyd himself, along with Jackie Jackson, Ivan Neville, and most importantly CAMEO. I leave you with one track from the score, and the magical track from Cameo. No, it's not "Word up".

DOWNLOAD "I Like The World" by CAMEO - via yousendit


DOWNLOAD "Enjoy" by Alan Silvestri - via yousendit

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