Thursday, April 23, 2009

Score Selection #23: Kuffs (1992)

Kuffs (1992)
music by Harold Faltermeyer

Hey gang,

For this weeks score selection, I thought I'd drop a few tracks from one of my all time favorite soundtrack-smiths. Harold Faltermeyer. This guy ruled the 80's and early 90's. His campy synth mastery made detective work totally hip (Beverly Hills Cop, Fletch, Kuffs) and made any the worst high fives in history (Top Gun) one of the coolest ever. Bravo Harold. Today though, I wanted to feature some music from a film that's totally fallen off the map, much like the career of it's leading man, Christan Slater. Check out two tracks from the action-comedy Kuffs who's tag line was "When you have attitude, who needs experience?". Kind of makes you laugh when you look at Slater today.

DOWNLOAD "Kuffs Theme" by Harold Faltermeyer - via yousendit


DOWNLOAD "So Sad" by Harold Faltermeyer - via yousendit

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