Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kill Bill guy found dead in Bangkok (1936 - 2009)

Some somber news here today folks as David Carradine was found half naked in a closet dangling from a curtain rope. (full story via AP) Most people know him as "That Kill Bill guy" but actually, he's had a very long career in some very notable rolls that weren't related in any way to Quentin Tarantino. Speaking of one trick ponies, Carradine managed to ride one of his own for many many years often times taking on roles that resurrected his famous role of Caine in the 1974 TV series Kung Fu, which he kind of Shanghai'd from Bruce Lee. No pun intended. Some of my favorite roles included Frankenstien from Death Race 2000 (pictured above), John Tucker from Future Force, and Col. Horace Wiggins from Kill Zone. (Okay, perhaps a couple of those were sarcastic)

Anyway, this guy was just starting to peak in his career, you know...that point where all the cheeseball rolls you took on in low budget movies and cameo's on short lived TV's shows finally start to pay off and you become some sort of iconic symbol of irony? Well maybe that's what pushed him over the edge. He had completed several projects in 2008, and there are about 6 projects still out there labeled as post perhaps we haven't seen the last of ole Kwai Chang.

In any case, pour one out for old David Carradine. He earned it for his many years of putting up with all the hambone shticks we forced him into.

We'll be sure to give him proper shout outs on next weeks show.

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