Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ed McMahon dies and No Podcast this week.

Well folks,

Yesterday sucked. A lot. My car died, work sucked, I went to the gym on my bike, then my bike gears flew off. (No lie) I just didn't have the strength to do anything other that eat greek french fries and watch In Bruges on my projector. Which is a great movie if you haven't seen it. But guess what else? To add to the crappy day, Ed McMahon up and croaked. Poor guy.

At age 86 he'd lived a full life and pneumonia got him, and prolly other old dude related stuff. Most well known for his sidekick antics with Johnny Carson, he also hosted TV Bloopers and Practical Jokes and of course delivering lots of large checks to tottering old magazine subscribers. Oh yeah, he also co-hosted a short lived interview style show with Alf.

This is how I remember you Ed. Goodbye Old Friend.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Podcast for June 15th 2009

Howdy folks,

Back with another podcast and boy was this one a hoot! We bitched about Stephen Sommers upcoming garbage heap, G.I. Joe. (Because you know, Scorpion King 2 and Mummy 3 were so awesome) We also reviewed Dead Snow and The Girlfriend Experience this week. We also, of course, played tons of kick ass film scores as we always do. Make sure you get this podcast, it's proven to increase stamina and potency.
We heard music from the following films this week:


The Bird With the Crystal Plumage - Ennio Morricone (1970)
Body Double - Pino Donaggio (1984)
Fitzcarraldo - Popol Vuh (1982)
Legend - Tangerine Dream (1985)
The Ghost And Mr. Chicken - Vic Mizzy (1966)
Van Helsing - Alan Sylvestri (2004)
The Simpsons Movie- Hans Zimmer (2007)


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 8th podcast.

Howdy Folks,

We had an interesting theme for this show, and it was centered around the rough days that both the Gaffer and I had that day. I don't have a play list for you, due to technical difficulty (yet more icing on the bad day cake) but all of the films we played music from fit the day perfectly. So here's a new podcast for this week.
We also reviewed the film "The Hangover" and in short, we didn't like it too much. To find out why, you'll have to tune in.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kill Bill guy found dead in Bangkok (1936 - 2009)

Some somber news here today folks as David Carradine was found half naked in a closet dangling from a curtain rope. (full story via AP) Most people know him as "That Kill Bill guy" but actually, he's had a very long career in some very notable rolls that weren't related in any way to Quentin Tarantino. Speaking of one trick ponies, Carradine managed to ride one of his own for many many years often times taking on roles that resurrected his famous role of Caine in the 1974 TV series Kung Fu, which he kind of Shanghai'd from Bruce Lee. No pun intended. Some of my favorite roles included Frankenstien from Death Race 2000 (pictured above), John Tucker from Future Force, and Col. Horace Wiggins from Kill Zone. (Okay, perhaps a couple of those were sarcastic)

Anyway, this guy was just starting to peak in his career, you know...that point where all the cheeseball rolls you took on in low budget movies and cameo's on short lived TV's shows finally start to pay off and you become some sort of iconic symbol of irony? Well maybe that's what pushed him over the edge. He had completed several projects in 2008, and there are about 6 projects still out there labeled as post production...so perhaps we haven't seen the last of ole Kwai Chang.

In any case, pour one out for old David Carradine. He earned it for his many years of putting up with all the hambone shticks we forced him into.

We'll be sure to give him proper shout outs on next weeks show.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Podcast for June 1st 2009


Howdy Folks,

Back finally with another podcast. You suckers are downloading them so much that it's knocking out my bandwidth for the month. I don't know if I should be happy or shake my fist at all of you! I think I'll happily shake my fist at you. Deal?
Anyway, the Gaffer and I are in the studio again this week talking about all kinds of fun stuff and reviewing the film Drag Me To Hell. So drag this download to your media player and get ready for audio boners cause that's just how we do.

Cherry 2000 - Basil Pouledoris (1987)
Benji - Euel Box (1974)
Blood for Dracula - Claudio Gizzi (1974)
Cannibal Holocaust - Riz Ortolani (1979)
Waltz With Bashir - Max Richter (2008)
CHiPs - Alan Sylvestri (1977)
Army of Darkness - Joseph LoDuca (1982)


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