Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Howdy gang!

We're back again this week with a podcast so potent, one drop of this show could be considered illegal by the California gaming commission. We reviewed Repo Men, She's Out Of My League, and The Prophet this week as well as got you up to date on this weeks ridiculous DVD offerings. We could barely contain ourselves. Tune in for the excitement, stay for the action, and leave with the satisfaction in knowing there isn't a better way to listen to two hours of sound than with this podcast in your ear. We also heard music from the following films:


Arthur - Burt Bacharach (1981)
Harry and The Hendersons - Bruce Broughton (1987)
Brainstorm - James Horner (1983)
Caddyshack - Kenny Loggins (1980)
Earth Vs. The Spider - Albert Glasser (1958)
Revenge of The Nerds - Various (1984)

ArthurHarry and the Hendersons (Special Edition)BrainstormCaddyshackCult Classics: Earth vs. the Spider/War of the Colossal BeastRevenge of the Nerds - Panty Raid Edition

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