Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane....NO! It's a....Van?

Yep! The wait is FINALLY over. Supervan is now on DVD! that's right folks "Watch your Donkey...cause Smokey's gonna get ya!" in this 1977 classic. How and why this was chosen to be released is unknown. Could it be the solar powered-ness of the supervan? Sustainability is all the rage right now. Or is it the laser turret? I'm betting it's the packing foam interior that gives it that sound proof "so you can't hear them scream about how shitty it is inside" feeling.

Damn. Didn't that get you pumped? I know I'm ready to shell out hard earned dollars on this masterpiece. The funny part? This was actually a real concept Van, made by some goober-smooch named George Barris. What a loon. What's better? Some folks made a replica. I wish I had enough time to blow on being a loser. Though, I'd probably still drive it around town in a heartbeat. "Hey Ladies, come take a ride in my super van...what? You don't think this is fly?" BEEYEWBEEYEW! Laser beamed!
Check this poster!

These kind of movies got made...and frequently! The 70's were awesome, just about any goon could pick up a camera and make a film. Complete with hot chicks, super vans, and lasers. Oh the halcyon days. Well, you can relive those days now via the magic of DVD. Pick it up on Amazon by clicking this stuff below.


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