Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Score Selection #26: Paul Hertzog - Freeing The Waters

I know it's not exactly a film score, but here's a semi-new album from film composer Paul Hertzog. Since Harold Faltermeyer came out of retirement, I figured I'd mention this too. Hertzog hasn't really recorded anything since his Bloodsport and Kickboxer days, and his sound hasn't really evolved that much either. A little more New Wavey than when JVCD was jump kickin' Bolo Yeung in the face. This album came out in late 2009 and features more of that dreamy syth-heavy atomosphere that Hertzog was known for in those "sentimental scenes" before someone got their face karate chopped off. It's no Kumite Theme, but at least it's something new out there for fans of his previous work. Hope this is the start of a new trend of awesome synth dudes coming out of retirement. Here are two of my favorite tracks from the album:

DOWNLOAD "Black Pearls" by Paul Hertzog - via yousendit (for a limited time)


DOWNLOAD "Love in a Labyrinth" by Paul Hertzog - via yousendit (for a limited time)

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Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you could re-post those links again? They're expired and I would love to have those tracks, if not more.


The Boom Operator said...

Re-up'ed as requested. Only for a limited time. Get em while they're fresh!